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Saturday, April 18, 2009


" This Home Motivates Orphans To Achieve Their Dreams "


Though, AVG has been established in 1919 it could be registered only in 1952. This big gap of our 35 years speak volumes of our previous generation leaders, how they could have managed all those years. Sri Ambadas Mukhedkar founder of AVG started this August Institution and offered accommodation to the derserving poor students of Hyderabad.

Struggles & Sacrifices in running AVG:

With paucity of manpower, finance to organise the home, our Previous Office bearers must have made many struggles and sacrifices. Marching ahead amidst all odds, but with commitment, our AVG, Registered its goodwill and honest efforts to run the AVG with more humane approach and transparent administration, by implementing all the constructive suggestions. Since DECADES, our AVG with all its humility and pride has been acknowledged as the only organisation, in A.P. which is striving to rehabilitate the poor, deserving and orphan students after 10th class who have the burning desire to pursue their higher studies. So long they want and so long they are eligible as per the rules of AVG.

Sky is the limit for the students of AVG.

Facilities Provided By AVG.
" It Is Not The Money But a Heart to Serve That Has Kept AVG Alive For Nine Decades Now "


The period between 1919 to 1982 AVG provided only lodging and boarding to the Orphans.
From 1992 to till now, AVG is providing free Education along with Lodging and Boarding.
We are providing College Admissions for Intermediate, Graduation, IITs, Polytechnique, Engineering etc., depending on the intrest and capability of the student.
The students can also have the coaching facilities for competitive exams (like EMCET, Ed-CET, DIET-CET, I-CET, IIT Coachings).
Technical trainnings and Computer coachings are also provided.

Facilities Provided To Students:

All the students in AVG are eligible for the following free facilities during their stay in AVG Viz., accommodation, food, college fees, bus pass, hospital expenses, stationery books, pocket money
if requested and are eligible, a special coaching for EAMCET, ECET, EDCET, ICET, AND COMPUTER COACHING will be arranged free of cost in corporate colleges.
AVG student need not spend a single penny from his pocket or outsider's pocket, AVG takes care of all their needs.
Providing Meditation classes regularly.

Schedule Followed In AVG.

"The Inmates Take care of the hostel's upkeep with no fuss, where there are no Attenders or Wardens"

The Schedule Followed By The AVG:

There is no Warden/Caretaker at AVG

The students have to follow a strict code of conduct. Their day begins at 4a.m. and ends at 10p.m. From buying provisions and vegetables to cooking, the students have to manage on their own on rotation basis. They prepare the monthly budget and submit it to the committee which, after approval, releases the money.

It would be a pleasant thing to inform you, though all the 30 students who are admitted are young and hail from different castes, comunities, regions, religions etc., The only bondage is a spirit of living together with discipline, affection and friendliness with an unwritten understanding of one for all and all for one. The entire hostel is run on trust, confidence, transparency and team work and the spirit of togetherness.

Students will wakeup at 4.30AM

Students will complete their ablusions before 5.30AM

They will do Meditation from 5.30 to 6.00AM

From 6.00 to 7.30AM Study hours will be follwed
Breakfast will be taken at 7.30 to 8.00AM

From 8.00AM onwards they will get ready to go their colleges
1.30 to 3.00PM is for Lunch

Indoor Games etc.,

Dinner will be taken at 7.30 to 8.30PM.

Students themselves will prepare the Brekfast, Lunch and Dinner on turn basis.

How Do We Provide Education:

Some of the colleges and institutions are offering free Education to the students of AVG.

The List Of The Colleges are:

Intermediate Colleges:

Sri Chaitanya Jr College
Narayana Jr College
Ideal Jr College
Pragnya Jr College
Sri Sai Jr College
Pranathi Jr College
Siddhartha Jr college
Sree Vani Jr College
Sri Aurabindo Jr College

Degree Colleges:

Aurora Degree College
Arunodaya Degree College
Jagruthi Degree College
Avanthi Degree college
Spoorthy Degree College
R.R.D. Degree College
H.R.D Degree College
Samatha Degree College
Sri Aurobindo Degree College
Noble Degree College
New Noble Degree College
Siddhartha Degree college

Entrance Coaching Centers:

Erudate - Chemistry(M.Sc)
Master Minds - Chemistry(M.Sc)
Ujawala - Maths(M.Sc)
Sdhana - Maths(M.Sc)
Pavani - Maths(M.Sc)
Career - Groups
Ramaiah - Chemistry(M.Sc)
I.M.C.S.I - Maths(M.Sc)
Vijetha Study Circle - Diet Coaching
JV Institute of Chemistry

Subject Coaching Centers:

Sri Pavani Educational Academy
Sai Study Circle
Satyam Study Circle
Sadhana Study Circle
Chaitanya Study Circle
Ramaiah Academy
Spandana Spoken English
Pragathi Institutem
JV Institute of Chemistry
Sri Vijetha

Computer Coaching Centers:

L.C.C Computer Coaching
Spirit Computer Coaching
Chennai Computer Coaching
A.X.X Computer Coaching

For I-CET:


Spoken English Coaching:

CHASE Spoken English
Swami Vivekananda

Meditation Coaching

Mr. Shivananda (K.Srinivasa Reddy)
Art Of Living
G.Shekariah Sir

IIT Institute:

Satya Sai Institute

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