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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blood Donation

Donate blood! Save a life!

Blood Donation

The AVGians voluntarily donated blood in a camp organized at AVG on 19.10.2008. The camp has been sponsored by a social group of software professionals called ‘NESTHAM’ under the leadership of Sri V Ashok. The doctors and medical staff of Govt. Blood Bank, Narayanguda, Hyd. have collected the blood while conducting requisite tests for the donors and they also issued donor certificates. Inaugurating the blood donation camp the beloved well wisher of AVG Sri D Sudheer Reddy, ex-HUDA Chairman, has well noticed and appreciated the AVG boys for coming forward and donating blood. AVG Secretary Sri M. Rajesh conveyed thanks to the NESTHAM and medical team of Blood Bank for conducting the blood camp.The NESTHAM group and AVG Board Members also donated blood in the Camp. By this voluntarily gesture the AVGians proved a sort of their committment towards the society which is always caring them.

Our Brother....Sri D.Sudheer Reddy

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