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Monday, April 20, 2009

AVGians Opinion on A.V.G


I am not a born orphan but became an orphan when I lost my mother and father in consecutive years when I was in my 9th standard and ssc.I was Devaruppal Mandal, Warangal Dt. first in SSC with 85%.Then I was offered free education in a near by town for my Intermediate. I secured distinction with 85%.

Then the real struggle started as I did not have any support. Then, I decided that I should do some work for my living and if possible continue my studies.Without much late I reached the Bhagyanagaram and luckily got a job in Vartha News paper office and could manage my requirements. But,the desire for higher studies was not moving an inch. I was frustrated, lost confidence and became some what pessimistic.

One fine day I was travelling in a bus towards LB Nagar, then I happened to see the Sign Board of This temple "Anadha
Vidyarthi Griha"and with out late I got down and contacted the AVG General Secretary Rajesh Garu who took my interview
along with some other Committee Members.Looking at my profile and interest in studies they gave me admission in to the AVG.

Now, I am into B.SC(MPC) studying hard and happy to say that I regained my confidence and the lost spark in me as I am able to go with the group of people who are in the same boat in which I am travelling.AVG taught me how to manage
one's own self as we are the persons who manage everything in AVG. Here I learnt how to move and behave with a group of inmates and solve issues.Every thing is transparent in AVG and is definitely an "Orphanage With a Difference".I am
thankful to the AVG and the dedicated Committee.

I specially want to mention Rajesh gaari name as he is the person who is giving the continious support to us..Thank You Sir!

Saida Rao :

I was an Intermediate discountinued student and education became a burden for the family.After two years of waiting I
came to know about this AVG in a news paper notification and with out delay I applied and got selected on the basis of my
family background condition and with my ineterest in studies.

I can say one thing that I am very lucky to be a part of AVG family.The people are very good, the process is perfect and
more over every thing is transparent. I have been staying here since 4 years and I can say very much confidently that not even a
single penny is misused.we follow an unique process of managing ourselves with the process laid down by our honourable Committee.

I thank AVG and it's committee members from my bottom of the heart for giving this opportunity...Thank You AVG.

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