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Saturday, April 18, 2009


2005-2006 (Batch)

Dear Well Wisher,

We have great pleasure in introducing ourselves as AVG –
AN ORPHANAGE WITH A DIFFERENCE, Supporting the cause of the orphans and the poor students since 1919.

Our AVG - ANADHA VIDYARTHI GRIHA was founded in 1919 by late Sri Ambadas Mukhedkar an Advocate and a philanthropist and later registered in 1952. He offered free accommodation at Sunder Bhavan, Jambagh, Hyderabad, to the deserving orphans and poor students. Dr ( late ) Vasudev Naik, the then Dy. Speaker of A.P. Legislative Council was our Honorary President. It is pertinent to mention here, to think how our previous managements must have made struggles, and sacrifices to march ahead with paucity of Manpower, finance to organise AVG with commitment.

Prominent personalities who stayed at AVG are Sarvasri Shankaranand, Former Union Minister, Govt of India, B. Satyanarayana Reddy former Governor of U.P and Orissa, G. Vema Reddy Addnl. Director Naval Head Quarters, Delhi, Babu Rao Dy. Genearal Manager, HCL, Dr G. Rami Reddy Asst. Director (Retd.) Animal Husbandary, Dr P. Sudarshan Reddy, Director, Malakpet Yoga Kendra etc., These are only illustrative and not exhaustive. AVG has the pride of producing scores of Doctors, Engineers, IITs,Sri B.Venkatesh, TCS, Sri Sanyasi Naidu, IIT and M.Scs, who are now Lecturers, Teachers, Govt. Employees and other professionals, since 1919.

Today AVG stands as one of the OLDEST Organizations, having students from all over A.P irrespective of Caste, Creed, Community, Religion or Region offering all facilities to inmates.


There is NO WARDEN, CARETAKER, COOK etc., All our Inmates have learnt to manage maintaining the Accounts, Kitchen, Studies, Planning Budgetting, Inter Personal Relations, Purchases and all other day-to-day needs of inmates. The President, General Secretary along with the host of Managing Committee Members, Advisory Board will guide the administration of the inmates. All our meeting expenses are borne by the Committee Members only, by rotation and no expense is made to the Hostel
accounts. There is no single incident of misuse or abuse any in area viz funds management, discipline, performance or behaviour.

Today, AVG is acknowledged as the only organization in AP striving to rehabilitate orphans, poor and deserving students who have the burning desire to pursue their higher studies after SSC.

SKY IS THE LIMIT for such students at AVG.

We admit students from 10 plus, as we feel they need society’s care lest they may abandon studies and reconcile to petty jobs while a prospective career is waiting for them at AVG to pursue higher studies.

We do not receive any funds from any Govt agencies viz State/Central/NRI Organizations.

All our strength is - more than 1400 salaried employees and Well Wishers who contribute every month Rs 10 to 100, which will be collected and accounted for by the inmates themselves.

This apart we do receive visitors and Well Wishers who celebrate their dear ones, Birthdays, Marriage Anniversaries etc., at AVG with our inmates and support our efforts.

There is absolute TRANSPARENCY in Accounting, Spending, Decision making and admissions too. All the account books of AVG are kept open for any verification by visitors.


A pragmatic and transparent method is followed in admitting inmates to AVG. Applications are called for from Orphans and Poor students in A.P through print and electronic media and putting up notices in all colleges.

After scrutiny of applications received, candidates are short listed. The screening committee, which is nominated by our Managing Committee, will select the inmates. The Screening Committee comprises of Academicians, Doctorates, Philanthropists who are totally dedicated and committed to the Cause of Helping the needy. We have inmates from all over A.P with different brought ups, no means to study, belonging to different Castes, Community, Region and Religion.

But they have one common factor i.e., their burning desire to reach their goal to pursue higher studies.

We owe our gratitude, to various college managements who are always kind enough to admit our inmates free of all charges.

Reciprocating this gesture all our inmates also perform extraordinarily well.
Time and History stand up to the results and performance of AVG inmates.


The inmates are provided with all free facilities, viz accommodation, food, college fees, dresses, bus pass, pocket money, stationery, books etc.,
Special Coaching to eligible inmates for EAMCET, E-CET, EDCET, M.Sc, MCA, IIT, DIETCET etc.,


AVG’ s vision is to provide education with an approach of
SKY IS THE LIMIT to all the deserving inmates who are determined, to stand up and to prove to the world that they are second to none, and can be successful persons in all parameters if timely support is given to them.

These orphans have a world of their own and their world is part of our society. We must meet their aspirations and goals. AVG, takes all steps, with care, concern and affection, to be a part of our family like other children get from their parents. We desire they should carry best memories of their stay to last their life time.

We do not have our own premises despite its existence since 1919.We have been carrying our activities in the rental premises only. We desire to construct a building of our own and dedicate the same to the society. This will enable us to embrace many more orphans who need help to stay and pursue their education in Hyderabad

We have been doing our best in meeting the needs of the needy all these years. AVG has been a vibrant live wire to our inmates to open up windows and new vistas to earn their rightful place in the road map of their career. Still we always feel some thing more remains to be done to ensure them to reach their destination of their goals.


Your help alone can and will unlock their potential and they can exceedingly excel with discipline, dedication, devotion and determination.

Your patronage gives them new life to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Please do experience the wonderful feeling that your help changes and transforms deserving orphans and poor who are born without any means but have a strong will to study into good and successful human beings.

Please do visit us, with your family, friends and Well Wishers.

Please contribute to Building Fund Account for contribution of constructing our own premises.

Please contribute to our Educational Fund account to meet Educational Expenses.

Let your support and patronage dawn thousands of smiles on the deserving and needy orphans.

With warm regards.


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